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Amitabh Bachchan Reveals ‘Shamitabh’ Story

ShamitabhTeasing his fans with a peek-a-boo into the storyline of his upcoming movie “Shamitabh”, megastar Amitabh Bachchan says it revolves around two individuals, who come together for a purpose, but drift apart due to their ego.

The film has southern superstar Dhanush in a key role. Talking about Shamitabh on his blog, Big B posted: “Two individuals that possess different talents. The one with one does not have the other of the other. And the other of the other does not have the one of the one…But when brought together they can achieve what individually they could not… and when they do due to the efforts of a third, they measure up to the best and the highest.

“The problem shall come when the clash of the ego takes place…one realising that the other is the other because of him…and the other realising that the one is the one because of him.” The 72-year-old actor also feels that “Shamitabh”, which marks debut of Kamal Haasan’s daughter Akshara Haasan, will answer a lot of queries that people have about life and relationships.

“#shamitabhMovie may well be the answer to the many questions that could arise…and arise they will…ask they will…and the answer shall be there as well,” he wrote.  The star was apprehensive about sharing details of R. Balki’s movie, fearing that it would kill the suspense.

“They ask me why this title #Shamitabh…and I have no words to express other than if I do I shall have to reveal the story and that is a problem…for…if the story goes out, then the film is known and the element of surprise has left us and gone,” the “Paa” star added. The film is set to release Feb 6. (IANS)

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