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Bollywood ignores You Unless You Are a Hit Hero, says Govinda

GovindaBollywood star Govinda, one of the most successful actors in Hindi movies during late 90s to the early 2000s, says success is the only currency that the industry recognizes.

Govinda’s tryst with the big screen began with “Ilzaam”, then  he went on to star in some of the big hits of 90s, including “Raja Babu”, “Coolie No 1”, “Hero No 1” and “Haseena Maan Jaayegi.”

In 2004, the actor entered into politics and elected to the Lok Sabha. Later, in his comeback to films, he made “Life Partner”, “Kill Dil” and “Happy Ending”, where his screen outings were supporting roles in such films.  Gradually the leading roles for Govinda began to dry up although he continued to make movies.

“They didn’t see me as a full-fledged hero. I was not looking like a hero,” The fifty-four year actor said. “Industry is in few hands, and has always been. It all depends on the release of films and your success. Everything revolves around success”.

“Success hoga to kamaal hoga, tab hi log tumse baat karenge (If you are successful then only people will talk to you),” he added.

Govinda is now all set for his upcoming movie Aa Gaya Hero, which is scheduled to release on March 3. He says he has put his heart and soul to this film expecting it will do wonders in his career.

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