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“Ghar Jana Hai” Music Video to star Bollywood Actor Raj Zutshi

Ghar Jana Hai-Raj ZutshiThe Hindi song ‘Ghar Jana Hai’ starring Bollywood actor Raj Zutshi was launched on Friday in Bhubaneswar.

The shooting of the song has been done in Bolangir and the music video will be released by the end of March.

The music video is a part of upcoming album ‘Stories Untold’ and is being directed by eminent documentary film director Snehasis Das.

The Naked Eye Productions, a California based production house came out with its first ever Hindi Music video single “Ghar Jana Hai” by vocalist Konark Sarangi.

The music video will talk about the issue of water scarcity, falling economy and migration set against the backdrop of a love story in the drought facing district of Bolangir in Odisha.

It is a known fact that most of the familes belonging to the drought stricken areas tend to migrate to bigger cities in search of better economic prospects. The families mostly end up working in brick kilns and construction sites as daily wage laborers hoping to earn enough to return back home and start a better life. In this process, the children lose their childhood with frequent travels, lack of proper education and eventually drop out of schools.

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