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Ipsita Priyadarsini dares to break Myth and Convention

Ipsita Biti PriyadarshiniIpsita Priyadarsini, a product of KIIT University, has not only excelled in her studies, but also proved her mettle in modeling. The sharp, intelligent, beautiful and agile girl, has been candid during her interview with the Odisha News Insight.

ONI: Give us a brief idea about your Family, Background, Academics and Personal Features.

Ipsita: Both of my parents are working. My father works with Odisha Administrative Service. Despite getting less time in his profession, he sits with me for hours in the weekends and talks to me about my well being and future goals. My mother always nurtured my dreams. I was never restricted to try new things in life.  I was a geek till Class 10. I went to DAV Public School, came out with flying colors getting 92% in board examination and then moving with the stream Science and Civil Engineering. During my period of engineering, I went to study various sectors of civil engineering in different countries like  China, USA and side by side endorsed international brands.


ONI: From Civil Engineering/Corporate to Modeling, what inspires you the most?

Ipsita: I believe things should go parallel in your life.  I mean you cannot just eat and survive, you also need to drink water for the food to digest. What I mean to say is I have never distinguished civil engineering, modeling as a different part of life. They all go hand in hand.  The most important thing you need to have is PASSION to learn new things in life. The only thing that helps me to keep going is my positive attitude and getting adapted to  “What’s NEXT”, which really helps to evolve and bring a change in you. When I went to the University of California, Los Angeles, I was attending open calls for modeling. I never knew I would get a change to get featured in an international online brand. In the same way when I went to ZEE TV Miss Ethnic 2015 qualifying City, State, Zonal rounds standing up as a Top 5 contestants, I only dreamed of trying new things in life; that’s what reflects in your life.


Ipsita PriyadarshiniONI: You have been out of India most of the times in the last few years. What you feel when you compare Women in India to those abroad?

Ipsita: I am fond of new culture and traditions. I particularly would say there is no such difference of being a woman from India or from West. There can be a distinction made between the women in 16th century and those in 20th century. I mean we are evolving, the modern woman is capable of doing so many things in her life.  She is no more constraint to four walls. I dared to travel across the world all alone at the age of 19 despite of being born and brought up in a society where people still feel it’s a challenge for a single girl to venture out.  I perused modeling at the age of 16, which still is a challenge for many girls cause of society constraints.  I think it’s time to break the so called norms and rules which has been blindly followed. it’s time to go out of your comfort zone and try new things in life and that’s what many women are doing.


ONI: Is it really tough to achieve real women empowerment in a country like India? What are the key hurdles?

Ipsita: I don’t think it’s tough to achieve it. as I said, we are evolving. We are in the era of change where things are not expected to change suddenly but it’s going to take time. The great thing is our youth is full of energy and ready to accept the change. I think the only key hurdle for a woman is to take a stand and be bold and enthusiastic. I have always prioritized and stood for what is right. We need to break that bubble of myth and come out with new believes and ideas.


IpsitaONI: Do you believe Women should step in and crush the ‘false male ego’ in order to ensure their safety and growth?

Ipsita: Gone are the time when women were restricted to four walls. Standing for what is right should be a priority, it doesn’t matter who he or she is, when it comes to your integrity, your prospective, you are the one who can help you to move out of it.  Women now a days are rebellious and full of courage where they dare to dream and hope to turn it to reality.


ONI: Have you ever feel threatened or harassed by Men/Boys?

Ipsita: No, I have never been in this kind of situation.


ONI: What about your experience at KIIT and how do you rate this Institute?

Ipsita: KIIT is a place where I learnt the lessons for life. Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Miss Sucheta Priyabardini and all the faculties of civil engineering have always supported me throughout this entire journey. KIIT is a place where you can broaden your horizon in different areas and not just limit yourself to academics.  I would rate my institution 10 on 10 when it comes to learning and support that you get from your mentors.


ONI: What’s next? Full time Corporate Job, New Venture or Modeling?

Ipsita: I seriously don’t know, I don’t predict future. like I said I don’t want to distinguish between all this jobs. I love what I am doing now. I recently moved to Bangalore working in a corporate sector,  I am learning so much here. it’s a beautiful curve of learning.


ONI: How do you rate yourself as a Power Woman on the scale of 1-10?

Ipsita: Ha Ha.., Well, I would rate myself as 10 on 10. I was always fond of power girls, a TV Series in Cartoon Network. I think that attitude of mine of accepting a change, daring to DREAM big has always made me going. I have been a multitasking person and enjoyed the phases of life. I believe when you say POWER woman it always means dare to dream big and turning it to reality, which I think I have and yes, far to go from now.

ONI: Thank you Ipsita! Wish you all the best in your future endeavour!