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Mahesh Bhatt ‘not writing’ the Remake of ‘Rajkahini’

Mahesh BhattMumbai, Nov 2: Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has refuted rumours that he will turn co-writer and creative director for the Hindi adaptation of “Rajkahini”, a film about Bengal’s Partition in 1947.

“I don’t know where that story came from. I am not writing the remake. As I come from a theatre background, I think of something new for each and every performance.

“We will recreate the movie in another hue, and will describe the story in a unique way while keeping the same frame,” Bhatt said at the special screening of “Rajkahini” at the ongoing ongoing 17th Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.

“I am trying to produce the film along with Venkatesh films. The story of the Hindi remake will be set in the background of Rajasthan or Punjab without changing the soul of the movie which I feel will add another layer,” he added.

Set during the partition period, the film captures the emotions that run through the women living in a brothel.

“Rajkahini” will release in India on November 6.

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