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Pak Actress slams Salman Khan for destroying Pakistani Culture

Rabi Pirzada-Salman KhanPakistani singer and actress Rabi Pirzada accused Bollywood and actor Salman Khan for spoiling the youth with their crime films.

At a recent press conference held in Lahore, the actress said, the Indian film-makers are ruining the youth by making the movies which is based on crime or some criminal activities which seems that the movies are promoting crime especially the films of Salman Khan.

Earlier the Pakistani cinema was at its peak, making films with moral lessons and plots highlighting social ethics. We were educating the society through our films but Bollywood has changed all of that,” added Rabi Pirzada.

The actress is the latest in a long line of Pakistani artists who had made rash comments on Bollywood and somehow every time Salman Khan is involved.

Therefore, Rabi and her colleague Naseem Vicky have taken it upon themselves to make an interesting film with Pakistani values to win back their audience. She will produce a story that will have a lesson for the children of the country and revive their film industry.

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