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SOA Medicos launch Music Album ‘Naina’

Naina AlbumHaving scored a huge success by launching ‘Saawariyaa’, a first of kind music album containing songs in their own voice last year, medicos from the SOA University have come out with their second music album ‘Naina’.

The album ‘Naina’ contains 11 songs, all sung by students who had either passed out from the medical college or studying in the institution.

The new album, which was ceremonially released at a function held at the IMS and Sum Hospital, the University’s faculty of medicine, on Friday, by Mr. Dhirendranath Mallick, Secretary of the Odisha Sangeet Natak Akademi.

Music Director Laxmikant Palit, actor Ratan Meher were also present as also Dr. P.K.Mohanty, Medical Superintendent of IMS and Sum Hospital and Prof. Kiran Dukhu, Dean of the medical college.

Naina Release“It has been a difficult journey as we have to perform our duties in the hospital and study, but the group has achieved it because of their collective passion for music,” Dr. Maitri Rang, one of the singers, now an intern at the Sum Hospital, said.

Dr. Rang, who has been the driving spirit behind ‘Saawariyaa’ and is a classical singer, has lent her voice to the title song ‘Naina’ besides four other numbers. The other singers include Soham Ghosh, a 3rd year student, who incidentally has a Bengali album to his name and Gargi Tripathy, a 2nd year student. Two other pass out students, Dr. Jayesh Patnaik and Dr. Abhinab Nayak have also lent their voice to the songs.

The lyrics have been written by the medicos, Dr. Jayesh Patnaik, Dr. Suraj Agrawal, Dr. Arna Annanya, Sohan Ghosh and Gargi Tripathy while the music has been set by Dichi, Humane Sagar and Saaj.

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