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Uttar Pradesh declares ‘Hawaizaada’ Tax Free

HawaizaadaFilmmaker Vibhu Puri’s directorial debut film “Hawaizaada”, which will hit the screens Friday, has been declared tax free in Uttar Pradesh. “We are extremely happy to receive the tax free grant. This will ensure that the film reaches out to a much larger audience base,” Sanjeev Lamba, CEO, Reliance Entertainment, said in a statement.

“The achievements of Shivkar Talpade are largely undocumented and even uncredited. This film is our attempt to highlight one of his biggest achievements of flying the first plane ever at Chowpatty, Mumbai in 1895. We are glad the authorities agreed with us on making the film available as tax free and we hope to follow suit in other states,” he added.

Presented by Reliance Entertainment, “Hawaizaada” is inspired from the life and works of Shivkar Talpade who flew the first ever unmanned plane eight years before the Wright Brothers. Directed by Vibhu Puri, the film features Ayushmann Khurrana, Pallavi Sharda, Mithun Chakraborty among others. The film is slated for a global release Jan 30. (IANS)

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