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40 Schools participate Educomp School Conclave in Bhubaneswar

Educomp School ConclavesBhubaneswar, Sep 11: “E-learning is the need of the hour. No of hours students are spending in web unnecessarily can be diverted towards education which will allow the students seamless access to course material, sharing and performance evaluation. These facilities can be obtained from the web based innovation ‘SmartClassOnline by Educomp Solutions Ltd. It was launched today at its state level Conclave where principals of more than 40 schools participate. Along with that a new innovative learning system called E-DAC was also launched  is a first of its kind learning system for schools, where the learner learns through a joyous discovery of the self and the world around, leading to positive outcomes.

While addressing the School Principals the famous Cyber Crime expert Rakshit Tandon reconfirmed the fact that in every 10 students in a school, 5 are directly and indirectly committing mistakes online which he or she should not do. He also claimed that the major reason of such threat to our children is because; the inappropriate use of Internet and it needs to be diverted logically. On the same note speaking on the sidelines of the School Conclave held in the city today, Rakesh Kumar, Regional CEO, Educomp said, “SmartClassOnline will bridge the gap and will ensure children to be more engaged in their school curriculum”. He also added that “Educomp School Conclave has been organized in Bhubaneswar so that city schools can update themselves on the latest in education technologies and meet the challenges of the future. Schools today need to be very aggressive on technology integration to stay state of the art.

Educomp School Conclaves 2The Conclave is part of Educomp’s 55 city roadshow on their theme of the year #Thereisanotherway, which seeks to help Schools identify, discuss and solve key issues facing them in imparting high quality education. The School Conclave involved educationists, principals and school management from various city schools to discuss and find solutions to key challenges for schools of the 21st century.

Over 40 principals of leading schools in Bhubaneswar attended the School Conclave to jointly discuss problem and possible solutions.Based on interactive discussions with principals and administrators on filling some of the critical gaps in education delivery that schools today face, participants were exposed to new technology platforms that can create an eco-system that schools can use to deliver, monitor and meet outcome targets.

On the occasion of the launch of the School Conclave in the city, the school community also got a chance to see Educomp’s breakthrough innovations like E-DAC and Smart Class Online- both of which are expected to redefine the next generation education eco-system in schools and help solve some of the issues facing schools.

Educomp School Conclaves 1Over 4000 schools across India are expected to participate in Educomp’s School Conclaves across 55 Indian cities/towns that will cover all four regions of the country as well as the North East. Representatives of schools will be taken through extensive models and presentations to inform, educate and update the education fraternity on new integrations in the education delivery systems that are proven to help generate improved learning and performance outcomes. Spread over three months, the conclaves shall cover 55 cities in India, making it one of the biggest schools connect initiative in recent times.

Educomp School Conclaves will also underline the universal aspects of ‘Digital India’ in preparation of a big shift in policy and practice in education. Following the cues from the Government’s thrust on the sector which is based on the need for a strong eco-system of content, device and delivery to enlarge the pool of the educated as well as enhance the quality of education, the Conclaves will discuss how schools can play a crucial role in building this edifice.

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