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Anubhav Mohanty launches Everest Super Color in Odisha

Anubhav Mohanty launches Everest Super Color in OdishaEverest Industries Ltd., one of India’s fastest growing building solutions company and leader in roofing products, today launched its colored Fiber Cement Roofing sheet brand Everest Super Color in the Odisha market. The new product was launched in Bhubaneswar today by popular Cine Star and Everest Brand Ambassador Anubhav Mohanty. Everest Super Color comes in attractive Terracotta Red Color with special water repellent, anti-algae & anti-fungus properties which make fiber cement roofing a more colorful and long lasting roofing option for consumers.

Announcing the launch of the new product, Mr Rahul Chopra, Senior Vice President & Head of Roofing Business, Everest Industries Ltd. said, “Everest takes pride in being the most trusted and preferred roofing products brand of customers across India for last 80 years. Continuing on our long journey of providing customers new and innovative products, we are introducing Everest Super Color that comes with the Everest promise of strong and durable roof now with beautiful color. With its attractive Terracotta Red color, Everest Super Color makes roofing a colorful idea for our customers, while at the same time making it free from algae and leakage. We are looking at soon starting production of the new product from our latest state-of-the-art production facility in Somnathpur at Balasore ”

Everest Super Color’s special water repellent properties, developed specially by Everest R&D team, stops the sheet from soaking water making it moisture free even during the heavy and incessant rains and ideal for high monsoon geographies like Odisha. Also, while normal fiber cement roofing sheets are prone to develop algae & fungus over a period of time, making it turn blackish in color, Everest Super Color comes with special anti-algae & anti-fungus properties which help it remain beautiful and colorful for years. So, Everest Super Color gives the roof strength as well beauty.

Unveiling the new product, Mr Anubhav Mohanty said, “We have grown up seeing the same grey colored fiber cement roofing sheets since our childhood. Although because of its properties like strength and durability, fiber cement roofing has remained the preferred choice of all of us; its colorless appearance has been making it dull in looks. But now, it makes me super excited, when I see Everest Super Color. It definitely is going to make lacs of houses in towns and villages across Odisha look beautiful, while making their roofs strong and durable.”

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