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Digital India: Rayagada illiterate Women show the Way

Rayagada Training CampRayagada: Their joy knew no bound when those illiterate and not very outspoken rural women, aged between 15-40 years, started directly interacting with desk-top computers. Yes, it was possible through the adult learning programme of State Resource Centre (SRC), Rayagada supported by HRD Ministry, Government of India. They showed keen interest to learn letters through software and could easily translate the same on the desk-top computer. They got well acquainted with the alphabets and their use to make words as if they were in the primary school to learn.

With the support of TCS (Tata Consultancy Service), SRC, Rayagada organized one day workshop on E-Primer where VTs (Voluntary Teachers), new learners attended the program. From TCS, Ms. Soumyashree Sarangi attended as resource person and well taught those new learners through an interactive mode to exhibit their skill on reading, writing and simple arithmetic through software. Staff from SRC coordinated the event to instill the basic understanding of words used in their day-to-day life in rural area. The basic skill of reading writing, numeracy and recollecting were used extensively to encourage the neo-learners to further the habits of literacy at home and in the community.

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