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Ekamra Haat – An Ethnic Hotspot in Bhubaneswar

ekamra-haat-bhubaneswarBy Srikanta Mohanty: Ethnicity is the right word that explains the beauty of the magnificent mart at Bhubaneswar. Spread on five acres of plot in the heart of the temple city, ‘Ekamra Haat’ has now the distinction of being the preface of Odisha’s culture and traditions. As the tribal products of the state gain popularity around the world, the cluster of forty-two handloom and handicraft shops have enough magnetism in them to attract people with innumerable traditional items from accomplished artisans of the place. Resembling the mundane life in a rural market in a tribal village, the shops are housed inside huts and large grass mounds.

“Unbelievably, there are still people in our society, who have not shopped in a rural market. Although, the milieu cannot be dittoed, ‘Ekamra haat’ takes you to an imaginary landscape, where one can simply visualize the idyllic and simplistic living in a rural backdrop. Moreover, the incredible artistic quality in the minds of tribal people warms up the cockles of your heart. For moments, you wish you were born as one among the masters of such creative folk art”- sighs Chitralekha Singh- a resident of Uttar Pradesh. Being an engineer and M.B.A., she takes a lot of interest in the art and craft of tribal people in Odisha.

The range of art and craft on display is immensely impressive as one could find the finest in terracotta items, wood carving works, magnificent appliqués, delicate pattachitra drawings, palm leaf engravings, and the best in textiles such as sarees and other handloom items. The place has also played perfect host to innumerable musical and other events on the important occasions. The organizers have staged remarkable shows on the National Youth Festival day, Women’s Day, and World disability day. Acting as melting pot of ethnicity and wholesome entertainment, the place has gained immense popularity in the last years. The residents as well as newcomers to the temple city now acclaim that a visit to the place gives them an occasion for spontaneous buying and spending the evening in popular entertainment.

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