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Lecture on “Panini and his Legacy” organized

Lecture on “Panini and his Legacy organizedThe Academy of Yoga and Oriental Studies organized a lecture on “Panini and his Legacy” in the Conference Hall of SC ST RTI, Bhubaneswar the other day. Prof. Radhamadhav Dash of Dept. of Sanskrit, Utkal University was the speaker of the occasion and the meeting was presided over by Sri Mahamedhanathhanda Saraswati. The programme started with offering of flowers at the feet of goddess Saraswati and Vedic Mangalacharana which was followed by a melodious Bhajan of Lord Jagannatha sung by Sri Damodara Rout.

In his speech Prof. Dash said Panini authored the grand grammar book named “Astadhyayi” to stabilize Sanskrit and to save it from distortion. Astadhyayi has eight chapters with 3997 Stutras in it. Great scholar Katyayan wrote Vartika and Panini wrote the great commentary called “Mahabhasya” on the Astadhyayi. Panini, Katyayana and Patanjali together are known as “Muni Traya”. Many grammar books have been written in the subsequent years. All the authors have followed the norms of Panini. Because of the undying work of Panini Sanskrit has obtained the honour of the greatest language of the world.

After the lecture there was a question-answer session in which many scholars asked questions which were satisfactorily answered by the speaker. Eminent scholar Sri Sundar Rajan recited a Sanskrit poem which was composed on Panini. Dr. Indulata Das thanked the audience and the meeting ended with Vedic Santipatha.

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