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National Law University Students visit Emarti Devi College

SONY DSCBhubaneswar, Sep 24: The students of National Law University form the team of IDIA Odisha. These students as a part of IDIA performed a task of sensitization. They went to Emarti Devi College in Cuttack. The team was very enthusiastic and worked a lot to make it a success. The IDIA team has a separate team called the sensitization team who performed this task. The main objective of the team was to sensitize i.e. make the students of the college aware of what the importance of law is in today’s era and in the society. Also the team told them about how IDIA helps under privileged children to get through the top law universities and pursue law as a career. There were around 150 students who attended the session.

At the beginning of the program Shaista Parwin, one of the IDIA members gave a speech briefing the students about IDIA and importance of law. After that the team displayed a video which talked about IDIA, its functioning, how it helps the under privileged and how it has grown over the years as an organization. With the end of the video Shubhankar Das, another member of the team held an interactive session with the students where he asked them some basic questions and also told them about the importance of law.

He also asked the students about their opinion on law as a career option. After the interactive session the IDIA team enacted a small skit through which they wanted to tell the students how law helps everybody and how its knowledge is important. The skit had a very good impact on the students and all of them really enjoyed it. Along with having fun the students really got into thinking as to how law is helpful for all. As the skit ended the students were shown a short film in which the IDIA scholars talked about their lives in top law schools and how IDIA helped them.

Apart from the scholars, the volunteers also told how they helped the scholars and were glad to be a part of IDIA. After this short film, the team’s one of the important tasks was to select students as scholars of IDIA. In order to do that the team had a test ready but before conducting the test, the team briefed the students about the type of questions, paper consisted of and cleared all their doubts and queries.

The team then conducted the test. The students very sincerely gave the test and were very happy and eager at the same time. After the test the team congratulated all the students and headed back to the University. This program was just a small step towards spreading legal awareness in the state of Odisha. The team will continue with its efforts and keep spreading awareness and will try to build some social engineers who will cater the society.

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