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Painting Exhibition “Replay” held in Bhubaneswar

Painting exhibition Pigeon as messenger was outdated with coming of postal system, and now post boxes serve as the resting place for the pigeon with spread of internet and mobile phones. Development of technology replaces old uses and makes them redundant. It was explained in the painting of Pradosh Swain displayed at Orissa Modern Art Gallery in Bhubaneswar. Pradosh’s other paintings were based on the symbols of 12 horoscopes and its comparison as elements with environment and earth.

A total of 36 drawings and paintings by Pradosh Swain and Rajesh Nayak were displayed in the gallery in an exhibition titled “Replay” for three days. Nature, global warming, environment degradation, are a few themes in Pradosh’s paintings. Pradosh and Rajesh showcased their works, which were different in genres. One displayed paintings, which are acrylic on canvas and Rajesh showcased drawings. These paintings were really crowd puller.

Pradosh used symbols in his paintings like national emblem consisting of four lions, lady justice representing law, and a clock that portrays the current time is also attracting many visitors. His works depicted the social disorder, decline of law and justice, etc.

Rajesh had brought a series of drawings depicted the power of women and human in physical motion. He also showcased a series, where Draupadi is a woman of substance and assertiveness, the pivot in the Hindu epic Mahabharat. The exhibition was inaugurated on March 2 by former bureaucrat Abasar Beuria, eminent artist Baladev Maharatha and Secretary, Odisha Lalitkala Akademy, Tarakanta Parida. The exhibition concluded on March 4.

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