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SOA University, Bhubaneswar marks World “No Tobacco Day”

Anti-Tobacco Awareness Programme organized in BhubaneswarBhubaneswar, June 1: Institute of Dental Sciences on behalf of S’O’A University conducted a successful anti-tobacco awareness program from 8 am to 12 pm at Bhubaneswar Airport and Railway station, under the able guidance of Prof. Manoj Ranjan Nayak, Founder President of S’O’A University and Prof. Neeta Mohanty, Dean, IDS to observe World “No Tobacco Day” on 31st May 2015.

The program USP was that they had cleverly interlaced an entire street play with an educational talk. This had the public spell bound from the start till the end. The program met with great success and aplomb, reaching hundreds. Dr. Radhaprasanna Dalai and Dr. Harshita Mishra organized the entire event with the support of the teaching staff of Community Dentistry, IDS and an enthusiastic batch of interns. The entire team worked day and night and came up with this program. Dr. Harshita Mishra gave a separate educational talk at Bhubaneswar CISF camp as well at 5 pm.

A review of research literature reveals cancer due to tobacco being a major cause of death in Indian adults. According to the survey conducted by Global Adult Tobacco Survey, India (GATS), 2010 smokeless tobacco use in India is highest in the world with 25.9 percent of adults, 32.2% of men and 18.4% of women. Another key finding in the report was that exposure to second hand smoke (passive smoking) remains high with 52.3 percent and 29 percent of the population exposed to second hand smoke at home and at public places respectively. Passive smoking not only harms the smokers but also the people (non-smokers) around them.

Such noble efforts of S’O’A University, under the great vision of Prof. Manoj Ranjan Nayak, towards a laudable cause needs to be applauded and encouraged. “Leave Tobacco, before Life leaves you” was the main slogan of this highly successful event.

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