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TDCC opens Souvenir Shop and Food Court

TDCCDr. Hrusikesh Panda, Tribal Affairs Secretary, has inaugurated the newly constructed souvenir shop and food court at Museum of Tribal Arts and Artifacts in the capital on Monday.

Tribal Development Co-operative Corporation of Odisha (TDCC) has initiated to draw attention of tourists.  At food court in the museum premises tourists can taste the food dishes of tribal community.

At the souvenir shop tourists can get a chance to see the handcraft products, tribal painting and handloom made by tribal belong to different regions of the country.

The price of these products will be sold in the shop between price range of Rs 80 to Rs 1400.

The TDCC authorities have been planning to start serving tribal foods and recipes at the food court. Ten members of Ma Bhaleswar, a self help group will prepare various tribal food recipes for tourists.

The TDCC would also offer a fifteen days training on tribal foods items in association with one hotel management institute.

TDCC officials have confirmed that, the products made by tribal belong to Odisha regional will soon be included at the shop.

Many dignitaries and officials were present at the inaugural function at the tribal museum on Monday.

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