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Weekend Visits: Places @ Bhubaneswar to Take Your Kid Out

BhubaneswarBy Srikanta Mohanty: Bhubaneswar, the city that has gone through a complete metamorphosis, has come up with fabulous places of entertainment for children. Offering exclusive milieus for entertainment of kids, the places are vying among themselves to add things that could really unburden stress from the young minds. Over the years, the places have continued to grow with increasing turnout. As the municipality expands with the beautification drives, the city of temples appears a major venue in India for the entertainment of children.

The top five in the list of places for kids’ entertainment are as follows;

Nandan Kanan–   For decades, the zoo at Nandan Kanan at Bhubaneswar has stayed the topmost preference of children. Combining many sources of entertainment, the zoo has remarkable collection of members from wildlife. Coupled with the delight of viewing exquisite flora and fauna, the place also offers children the pleasure of sharing a ride in the toy train. Lions’ safari is the other destination for kids that bind the fascination of hundreds of children visiting every day for viewing lions.

Nicco Park- Although constructed in the year 1997, Nicco Park has built up commendable reputation as an amusement park for children in the last two decades. Lauded by most of visitors as a full-fledged entertainment center for kids with games, roller-coaster, sea-saw, swings, boating, the place gets highest crowd on the holidays and festivals.

Game Zone at BMC Bhawani Mall – As Inox has become the hot destination for every movie lover at Bhubaneswar, Bhawani Mall. And, most of movie lovers do come here for Game Zone as well. The hottest among the games keep the number of visitors forever high, while children throng the place in maximum number.

Ocean World – Water Kingdom–  Come the scorching heat of summer, Ocean world water kingdom is the most sought-after location in-between the twin-city of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. Although a place for every age group, it gives exquisite water games. Kids could take a lot of joy, while sharing thrilling water-rides and bumper boat-ride under the water of the ocean world.

Planetarium–   As Bhubaneswar has emerged as a place for world-class tourism and education with its umpteen schools, Pathani Samanta Planetarium is one of the places that host brilliant shows in Astronomy, astrophysics, and space science. With quite entertaining regular shows about space, those could keep the little minds engrossed for quite some time.

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