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World Health Day 2015 celebrated at Vedanta, Jharsuguda

Vedanta-Health1To promote a healthy environment in the community and among employees, Vedanta’s Jharsuguda unit celebrated World Health Day on 7th April 2015. On this occasion a sensitization programme on ‘Food Safety’ was conducted, followed by a health check-up for all members in the village Parmanpur.

The programme was aligned with the theme of ‘Food Safety’ as laid out by WHO for the year 2015. More than 72 participants attended the program. The sensitization program on Food Safety was deliberated upon by Mrs. Sushree Sangita Jena, Senior Dietician, Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar and Dr. Sabita Swain, CMO, Vedanta Jharsuguda.

While addressing the rural predominantly women audience, Mrs. Jena spoke about the importance on food safety towards a healthy life and stressed on the use of a kitchen garden, while educating the audience on nutritional values of different food types to prevent health problems, food poisoning and various other food borne diseases.

Vedanta-Health2In the afternoon session, the food safety programme was conducted for the families of township residents and the staffs of service partners involved in handling and distribution of food in the plant. The session mainly focused on various safe practices that are to be followed, from procurement of raw food to final consumption and preservation of foods.

The service partners involved in preparation and distribution of food to more than 5000 direct and indirect employees including the truck drivers were sensitized on the safe mode of handling and cooking of foods, for ensuring the food safety.

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