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5 Relaxing Stuffs that keep You Fit and Happy

By Srikanta Mohanty: Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle. This brainy quote from Bill Phillips would surprise someone, who thinks – “Stress is the real killer”. Saints negate this saying that “-understanding is the real problem and unfortunately, humans work round-the-clock to achieve and some of them do succeed. If they succeed, unmanaged stress takes them to corporate hospitals, while those who fail simply breathe their last on the free beds of government hospitals. The reason lies in mismanagement of physical and mental stress that simply wreaks havoc on physical and mental conditions of them”.

StressballThe prevailing notion is stress management needs breaks in the busy schedules of life and could take a toll on the available time. Short break in the schedules and simple tricks to reduce stress could keep everyone fit and happy.


Stressball is cheap but amazing stuff that relieves stress to a great extent. Squeezing stressball releases stress by diverting mental tension towards the movement in the hand and gradually draining it to the ball.

It is a good alternative for people who stay anxious, nervous and tense. Working on a stressball keeps the heart healthy and palpitation normal.


Swimming is a great exercise. But watching colored fishes swim inside an aquarium soothe the fried nerves to a great extent.  Keep a medium sized aquarium inside your room and take a break for five minutes while you sit before it watching the magnificent movement of fishes inside the lighted aquarium.

Gradually, it would drain the stress out of body as well as mind. This would convince mind that when life inside the glass walls is possible, anyone could truly swim inside the real-life situations and steer clear of the problems.

Bhagavad GitaBhagavad Gita

Reading a few pages from  Bhagavad Gita and realizing the import behind words could do away with all mental tension as Lord Krishna delivered the entire lesson to Arjuna at the beginning of war in Mahabharata, when Arjuna had severe mental depression and refused to take up arms against his relatives.

Just keep a Bhagavad Gita at the work-place and read a few lines and mull over the depth in the sentences. Gradually, it could free anyone from the nagging worries.

pranayamWatch breathing

Breathing is essential for the survival of human-body. Be it the work-place or home, watching the incoming and outgoing breath could do amazing things for the mental health. While mind gets crowded with disturbing thoughts, it drags the human-being to unconscious behavior that could precipitate a down-fall.

Sitting at one place and feeling the incoming and outgoing breath get mind and body to one point and keeps the human-being conscious. The bonus-point is it keeps the heart free from ailments.


Music has forever stayed a healer from negative thoughts. One could search for enough compositions of music for peace and tranquility in the world of web and listen to them, while going through hectic pace of life. The Buddhist and Zen music for meditation and mental tranquility could become a tremendous mood booster.

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