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Corruption And India !!

Every year the world observes Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December.

Corruption is a global topic. It is a phenomenon worldwide. No country, region or community is free from corruption!

Corruption is an ugly act which everyone will admit is immoral and detestable.

And unfortunately, it has penetrated deep into the roots of our country and has become a part of the life of the Indian society. Our ministers are corrupt; our officers are corrupt; our people are corrupt. Even the anti-corruption departments fall an easy prey at the hands of corrupt persons. The law of our country is too weak to deal with corruption with an iron fist. Personal gain rules over honesty and righteousness. It is a matter of great shame and regret for all those who care to hear the call of their conscience.

Corruption is prevalent in all forms, economic, social, moral and spiritual. During the past few years, the situation of our country in terms of corruption has deteriorated beyond imagination. A large number of scams, involving top politicians, administrators and bureaucrats have come to light. Most of the scams involve huge sums running into thousands of crores. The law enforcing institutions are seeking help of the judicial system to bring the culprits to book. However, the judicial system too is full of flaws and it is not very difficult for the culprits to cleverly escape the legal system.

Banks, too are, not free from corruption. People have begun to take corruption for granted. This is alarming! We need to go to the root cause and the root cause of corruption is delay. It is imperative in this worst scenario to change the system and deal with firmness. Government should launch a vigorous campaign against such evil. Spontaneous action and exemplary punishments should be given to the corrupt officials to improve the image of our country.

Persons of strong character should be employed and the education system of our country should be modified to instil a spirit of honesty amongst the people. Government officials should set examples of honest living free from corruption.

Lastly, let’s not forget that charity begins from home!

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