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Disability Is A Perception

Different things come to mind when the word disability is mentioned. General perception is a mental illness or some sort of disease. It is rightly said, disability is not inability. People with disabilities are not treated the same as normals. And such mindset becomes a hindrance for these persons living a normal life. In such scenarios, some among these wish they could change how they live while others feel empowered and challenged. Irrespective of how disabilities make these people feel they should all be treated the same as healthy human beings.

Earlier, people with disabilities were treated differently because disability was perceived differently. It is imperative in modern times to receive knowledge on what it means for a person to have a disability and how others can respond correctly and not with fear or uncooperatively. Disability is all about acceptance. It is vital to be accepting of ones who act, look or talk differently. This attitude is helpful when thinking about disability because whether or not you consider someone to have a different functioning ability than you, it is utmost to treat them with the same respect as everyone else.

Supporting to empower brings awareness to the discrimination of those disabled, it compels society to reconsider its perspective on disability and encourages the disabled to accept and think positively about their disablement despite the criteria set by society. Government should show more interest and conduct regular programs and workshops to skill them enough to bring into the mainstream. Let’s not ignore the disabled and join hands to support the rights and safety of persons with disabilities in all disciplines of society by bringing awareness of the condition and working towards their development.

Let’s not forget disability is merely a perception!

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