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From Womb to Tomb – Women bear Pain and Torture

RapeBy Sukanti Rout: On December 16, 2012, a young physiotherapist was brutally raped and critically injured by iron rods and left to die. After that a number of rapes occurred in our country and gets added to the statistics to be forgotten. But Nirbhaya case was different, it shook us. Everybody sympathised with the young girl. The entire nation stood up for her and sought justice. Widespread agitation, rallies and candle marches were organized. It seemed as if a revolution had taken place.

The aim was to make India a better place for women to live in. It was for the first time in the history, people had raised their voice specifically for the cause of women in the country. Every nook and corner in India rose up to demand justice for her, justice for every woman in this country. But not one nirbhaya… most of the nirbhaya were raped. And, now a days most of the people have forgotten that girl.

National Girl Child Day is celebrated on 24th January every year to promote the well being of the girl children in the  society. It aims to remove different types of social discrimination and exploitation that girls generally face in their life. But we just celebrate the day and then forget all its objectives.

Once upon a time, dowry was a gift, which was offered happily. These days, it has become a sort of bribe. If not paid, the bride would be tortured. Today, women have reached the Moon and Mt. Everest, but they are hardly treated at par by their male counterparts. From Saina Nehwal to Kalpana Chawla, from our first woman PM Indira Gandhi to businesswoman Naina Lal Kidwai, female species have conquered all spheres.

The atrocities on women and dowry torture are still rampant in our society today. There is no respite for even those women, who earn good to support their family. A change in this societal attitude is needed. Women in India can never be safe until society changes its attitude towards them. The change is slow, but will definitely come. It will become possible when the educated men accept the power and strength of the women and treat them at par. It’s high time we arise and awake and join hands to make the society better for all.

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