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Is Telemedicine going to take over the world?

In the wake of COVID19, normal life has been impacted in a large way. The outbreak of COVID19 has put people behind closed doors and accessing to essentials is too within the lockdown restrictions.

While isolation in this scenario of exposure to risk is the only solution to prevention but what’s the cure is the ambiguity that has clouded the mind and how long will one remain in confinement. There is no alternative to isolation and quarantine is imperative at the moment. Health services is currently the major focus owing to quarantine and lockdown guidelines.

Although many strategies have been implemented to facilitate people under quarantine, still that has not been enough to compensate for the mundane life. Efforts on the global level are being worked out to stabilise the need of the hour. Providing health facilities at ease to the mass is the agenda given the restriction on the movement of people and goods intended to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Such state of great need has given birth to ‘Telemedicine’ called as ‘Telehealth’ or ‘E-health’ as well.

In the present world, technology is predominating. Technology has increased efficiency while minimising manual or physical presence. And when health has been doing the rounds what best could it be than technology coming to the rescue. Telemedicine or Telehealth is a two-way process. It allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using telecommunications technology and also allows patients to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently and without having to travel to seek aid.

Telemedicine is a very convenient health service using technology. Fundamentally, it makes it practicable for physicians to treat patients irrespective of the patient’s location and timing, by using a computer or smartphone. Telemedicine can be a great alternative as supposed to the traditional health practices. The question that arises is how!!

Basically, the service makes use of an online account or a toll-free phone number. Thereafter, patients request a visit, entering basic information on their condition, following which the physician either accepts or declines the visit, or schedules it for the future. It is still debatable as it may not be befitting in every situation yet it opens many doors.

This kind of health care is not only a time saver but the most convenient method of getting medical attention wherever and whenever needed especially for patients in rural areas. Patients save money and there is no fear of fixing appointments at the cost of skipping work and other priorities and many such facilities.

With COVID19 having disrupted the economical progress of the World, telemedicine is definitely going to be the next big thing!

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