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‘Modi Suit’ was gifted by Businessman Rameshkumar Virani

Modi-SuitPutting all rumours and speculations into rest, a diamond merchant from Gujarat, Rameshkumar Bhikabhai Virani had confirmed that the monogrammed pinstripe suit to PM Narendra Modi, which he wore during his meeting with US President Barack Obama on January 25, triggering a massive political controversy. The suit fabrics were gifted by Virani, while it was stitched by Jade Blue India.

The media and opposition led by Rahul Gandhi had put the cost of ‘Modi Suit’ at Rs 10 lakh and alleged that Modi used the taxpayers’ money to wear an expensive suit. Virani confirmed that it was a gift from his son Smit Virani, whose wedding was held on January 26. He had invited Modi for the wedding, but he could not make it due to Obama’s India visit.

“I am from Gujarat. I presented this suit to Narendra Bhai (PM Modi) when I attended the recent Vibrant Gujarat Summit. I gave it while extending an invitation to him to attend my son’s wedding on January 26. He said, he can’t make it due to busy schedule. I requested him to wear it once, which would be a blessing to my son and my daughter-in-law,” said Virani.

Modi-Obama-Suit“Narendrabhai told me that this suit would be auctioned and the proceeds will be sent to a Ganga-related charity. I said it won’t be a problem. But, I request you to wear it at least once. My son had this idea of making this monogrammed suit. He said he wanted to give a surprise to Modiji,” he added.

Although he expressed his ignorance about the price of the suit, he said, “People can say anything. I can confirm that what is being said about its cost is not the correct amount. My son does not have the guts to spend that kind of money or that amount”.

The Modi Suit has been put on auction in Surat today. According to the TV reports, the bid has now reached Rs 1.21 crore. The bidding will continue till tomorrow. It will be finally sold on February 20. The amount collected from the auction, will be spent on Ganga Cleaning project.

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