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My First Month without You­…

Bishu Priya Sarangi“A being is not alive by breath but by his/her benevolence”, believes Pushpanjali Sarangi.

The most magnetic women I have ever seen – my Maa (mother), Late Bishnu Priya Sarangi. She led an amazing life with high moral values till her last breath. Decorated with zero makeup, nix dieting, with average structure, never show off and least ornamented…. She had a god gifted crust, tresses and shade.

My mother puts on a tiny smile, a calm gaze, satvic diet, bears a royal woman’s outfit with minimum ornaments; she carry simplicity as believes the adage ‘simple living & high thinking’ although courageous in self.

Her heart is full of warmth and compassion, with an unshakable moral fiber. She might have not earned degrees but carries herself well with high and sophisticate intellect, razor-sharp IQ, artistic thoughts and a fine memory. Her level of patience and compromise is surprising. Her supple attitude makes the other mind feel relaxed in her presence.

She neither demands nor complains, but makes herself satisfied with limited possessions. She speaks less and listens more. When most of the ladies keep themselves busy in gossips, she is never a part of it.  She spends most of her times in Mantra Japa, meditation, listening bhajans, spiritual discourses and studying spiritual volumes. Further her time is spent in garden, kitchen and with family. She loves to feed the cattle and the poor.

She never compromises with her principles. She has a beatific smile with low volume and talks in soft voice. She is very much concerned about her self-respect, loves silence and gets panicky whenever there is any messy & noisy situation. She always suffered from various health issues and especially in the past few years endured acute Kidney Disease and Thyroid. She never lost the spirit to survive, she is a survivor.

Every chapter of her life teaches a lesson to lead a dignified and esteemed life.

My mother is an embodiment of serenity, an illustration of innate Beauty & Brains. I salute her Individuality, Womanhood and last but not the least Motherhood.

Thank You Maa for giving me bountiful affection and care. Among the five of us, I have been brought up and treated and get pampered like one even now. I am ever grateful to my sisters too for the enormity of their heart. We all are delighted and proud to be your offspring.

My complete personality is molded by you. All the good qualities that I have imbibed are because of your continuous guidance and whatever bad ones I have are because of not following your orders.

You are still alive in me, in my body and soul. I am made up of you ‘Maa”.  You are my inspiration and my greatest love. I learnt a lot from you in every phase of life and even from the demise of your earthly body. You are a survivor, I am proud to be your girl.

NB: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of Ms Pushpanjali Sarangi. The facts and opinions mentioned in the article do not reflect the views of Odisha News Insight. More importantly, Odisha News Insight does not assume any responsibility on Ms Pushpanjali’s views within this article.

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