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Pilibhit Girl thrashes Eve-teaser, makes him touch her Feet

Pilibhit-GirlA teenage Class XI girl, showed the way to millions of girls in India and sent a warning to the eve-teasers, when she dragged an erring boy to the police station and thrashed him with slaps, punches, kicks and shoes before making him touch her feet twice and apologise.

Sanjana, a Class XI girl, who was fed up with the eve teasing by Ankit Rajput, finally decided to teach him a lesson. She blocked his motorcycle with her bicycle in front of Puranpur Police Station and dragged inside the premises.

Sanjana used all her force and strength to beat up Ankit in the presence of police personnel, showing no mercy. She was ruthless and aggressive and took repeated apology from him.

Pilibhit Girl FeetShe asked him to touch her feet and say sorry and Ankit did that. But, Sanjana did not relent. She asked him to touch her feet again. Ankit almost fell at her feet and held them to seek forgiveness.

The cops let Ankit go with an apology, as the girl did not file any police complaint and wanted to set an example before others. The video went viral on social media and brought Sanjana widespread appreciation across the country and world.

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