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Watching Tv Hampers The Mind Of Children

In this technologically advanced world, kids get exposed to technology not out of choice but due to the availability of a wide range of gadgets at their disposal which was not the case 20 years ago.

Mouldable minds of children at their formative age take shape by various activities and observations. And with Smart TVs on the rise, tons of programs, movies, series, commercials and other content available in a single click, one needs to understand the negative effects of television on children.

Television can hamper children’s mind in the following ways:

Can Hamper The Language

Children may often pick up language spoken without comprehending the meaning of the words and enact the same way.

Promotes Aggressive Behaviour

Children are too young to differentiate between good and bad. As a result, they watch whatever catches their attention. So, when kids are exposed to violent content, they may imitate it and carry those actions further without realising its consequences.

Can Provoke Them To Demand

Television commercials can have a strong influence on your child’s mind. Attractive products can easily grab a child’s attention and play with his vulnerable mind tricking him into owning it. This may cause your child to demand. And those demands not being fulfilled, he may become rebellious.

Can Slow Down The Imaginative Skills

If children spend most of their hours whiling away in front of the television they could gain weight becoming obese as well as have a drop in their imagination skills. Children need to be involved in extracurricular activities. Activities like reading, music, art, sports, etc help them not only from the perspective of a hobby but develop their soft skills, coordination techniques and imagination power.

Subjection To Inappropriate Content

It is not always possible to monitor the content, your child is watching. And more difficult for working parents. Also, there is no restriction on the kind of content flashing on television. Your child could be at a threat to content that may include unsuitable activities like consumption of drugs, alcohol, smoking and physical interactions. If left without supervision, such display of acts could prompt them to try these things in reality.

Although watching television cannot be completely prevented, it can be controlled with counselling and supervision. Watching TV should only be a part of a break-time routine. Children should indulge in productive hobbies instead of just sticking around the television box. Hence, parents should keep in mind the negative effects and how it can hamper a child’s mind.

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