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Can the Odias beat Coronavirus in Odisha? Subroto Bagchi addresses the media

How to defeat Corona Virus Subroto Bagchi Speech Odisha

Coronavirus has been spreading throughout Asia and Europe rapidly. Overall, 519 people have tested positive for the virus in India with 9 victims deceased. In retaliation, the Indian govt had announced complete lockdown of 30 states, covering 548 districts.

Subroto Bagchi addresses the media for Corona Virus

Subroto Bagchi, Covid-19 chief spokesperson, outlined a worrying coronavirus drill for the State of Odisha.

Key speech takeaways of speech of Subroto Bagchi :

  • The total India-wide numbers just crossed 536 and over 100 individuals with some Covid-19 symptoms identified in Odisha.
  • The hospital isolation cases posted a sharp spike to touch 45
  • Neither India nor Odisha can take up the task to treat it, so the only option left is a precaution.
  • Projected Covid-19 of Odisha may rise to 2,345 by the mid of May 2020 while some US-based researchers have estimated a massive 36,000 positive by May 15.
  • Bagchi requested the people to observe complete lockdown stating that this is the only way to stop the virus
  • Concluding with a positive note, he expressed delight that the lockdown in the state has been 90% successful.
  • Except for Corona related work, all the other construction activities in state has been suspended.
  • To tighten the administration, State government today asked all transferred officials to report to duty within 48 hours. Those who will not follow the directive be penalised.
  • The total foreign returnees registered in the state’s newly launched Covid-19 portal touched 3,861.
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