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Coronavirus in Odisha update as on 17th April

The state Health and Family Welfare department recently stated that not even a single new COVID-19 case had been reported in Odisha in the past two days, i.e. 15th and 16th of April.

According to the data issued by the state health department, Odisha has so far collected a total 6,734 samples till midnight on 16th April. Out of these, the number of positive cases stood at 60. The last time when a new positive case has been reported was 14th April.

A total of 1197 samples, the maximum so far, were tested for COVID-19 on 15th April, and all of them tested negative for the pandemic. The percentage ratio of the COVID-19 positive cases is 0.89 per cent, and active cases remain at 40 in the state. So far, 19 patients infected have recovered and were discharged from the hospital. One person has died.

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