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Four Odisha hospitals to set up plasma bank for treatment

Odisha government has decided to set up its first plasma bank for treatment of Covid-19 patients. Naba Das, the Health Minister, informed that a plasma bank would be set up in Odisha and the medication will initially be available in four hospitals of the State namely: KIMS hospitals (Bhubaneswar), Ashwini Hospital (Cuttack), SCB Medical College (Cuttack) & SUM Hospital (Bhubaneswar).

A high-esteemed meeting headed by the Health Minister Das was conducted in the Lok Seva Bhawan to begin the advanced treatment in Odisha.

A resolution was taken in the conference to establish a technical committee to draw the treatment plan for plasma therapy and develop a blueprint for its thriving introduction in the State. The committee will also generate awareness among general people concerning plasma therapy, and submit a comprehensive report to the government.

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