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Odisha government re-classified 11 departments under coronavirus

The Odisha Government re-modelled its previous order and re-classified 11 of its departments as crucial for the management of COVID-19 pandemic given the extended nationwide lockdown. As per the revised law, all departments have now been classified as (a) critical and (b) partially critical. Earlier, the departments were classified into three categories – (a) critical, (b) partially critical and (c) non-critical. The deployment of the workforce was done subsequently.

The General Administration Department issued a notification where Group-A officers of departments under both categories will attend office. Besides, 50 per cent of Group-B, C and D employees of critical category departments will visit their offices. The departments under the partially critical division, only one-third of Group B, C and D employees will attend office on a roster basis. The notification declared that the administrative departments would decide about the scale of performance in field offices of both the categories.

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