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ZyCoV-D, The 1st Indigenously Developed Vaccine For COVID19 To Be Administered in Humans in India

Ever since the COVID 19 pandemic, Scientists have been trying to crack potent drugs and vaccines for viable treatment at a lightning pace. The sharp spike in the number of positive cases and death tolls continuing to climb the ladder made it imperative for the need of highly efficacious therapeutic agents to combat the deadly virus.

The gravity of the situation had led to designing many successful antiviral compounds prompting to begin its efficacy as human trials, and with one such successful outcome being a vaccine soon to be available in India.

The plasmid DNA vaccine will be available in the name of ZyCoV-D, designed and developed by Zydus Universe and partially funded by Department of Biotechnology(DBT), India. It has initiated Phase I/ II clinical trials in healthy subjects, making it the first indigenously developed vaccine for COVID19 to be administered in humans in India.

The news will bring much happiness among the people as the vaccine seems the only ray of hope for people who had set their eyes for a remedy since the onset of this deadly pandemic.

India now ranks third, behind Brazil and the U.S. in the daily increase in COVID-19 cases across the world. Hopefully, with the success of this vaccine, the numbers are soon to fall.

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