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‘Arrest Sambit Patra’ Trends As Congress Spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi Dies Moments After TV Debate

The call for arrest of BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra is trending on the social media after a Congress spokesperson died minutes after appearing on a television news debate with him. Sambit Patra was seen attacking Rajiv Tyagi (52) verbally on the debate, moments before Tyagi collapsed and died due to cardiac arrest.

At 5pm, Tyagi had participated in the debate from his Ghaziabad, where he faced personal verbal attacks by Patra. Shortly after the debate was over, he complained of chest pain and fell unconscious. He was rushed to the Yashoda Hospital but the doctors couldn’t revive him.

After his demise, ‘Arrest Sambit Patra’ started trending on twitter.

“After abusing Rajiv Tyagi ji minutes before his death, Sambit Patra went on to the next TV debate to spread more poison. Breaks my heart to think that Rajiv Tyagi ji’s last words probably were “Pls allow me to speak”. Sambit Patra & Aaj Tak killed him. #ArrestSambitPatra,” activist Saket Gokhale tweeted.

Rajiv Tyagi (Photo – Internet)

The General Secretary of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Seva Dal tweeted, “The toxic media mafia & Hindutva terrorists have claimed their first victim. In coming days this will be the norm as Aaj Tak and Sambit Patra have now tasted blood. Saddened to hear about the untimely demise of Rajiv Tyagi. #ArrestSambitPatra.”

Meanwhile, Congress President Sonia Gandhi spoke to Tyagi’s wife and offered her condolences.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, General Secretary of Congress also paid tribute on social media calling it a ‘personal sorrow.’ Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala questioned the ‘posinous debates’ on television news. He tweeted in Hindi, “How long will the poisonous debate and poisonous spokespeople kill the tongue of restraint and simplicity? How long will the TRP business run from this debate? How long will the poison of Hindu-Muslim division continue to engulf the soul of this country?”

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