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Coronavirus cases in India latest update, numbers and statistics

The following are April 23rd, Coronavirus cases in India updates:

  • Confirmed cases coronavirus in India stands at 21,797.
  • Confirmed active cases coronavirus active in India stands at 16454.
  • Confirmed recovered cases of coronavirus in India stands at 4258.
  • Confirmed deaths due to coronavirus in India stands at 681 with one migrated.

Coronavirus cases in India highlights:

  • At 5,652, Maharashtra has the highest number of cases among Indian states.
  • It is followed by Gujarat (2,407), Delhi (2,248), Rajasthan (1,935), Madhya Pradesh (1,592), Tamil Nadu (1,629), and Uttar Pradesh (1,449).
  • A total of 500,542 samples from 485,172 individuals have been tested as on April 23rd, said Indian Council of Medical Research ICMR.
  • Notably, Sikkim, Goa and Manipur are the only Indian states that are COVID-19 free.

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