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Madhya Pradesh Farmers In A Three Days Protest

Madhya Pradesh farmers as a display of outrage are in a three-day protest to exert pressure on the Kamal Nath government to fulfill its promise of waiving of repayment from farmers.

The three- day protest is very likely to affect supply of milk and vegetables in the state.

Previously, ahead of the Assembly elections, the Madhya Pradesh government had promised to waive off loans up to Rs 2 lakhs for the farmers.

Bharatiya Kisan Union(BKU) chief, Anil Yadav said that farmers were getting notices from banks to declare them defaulter.

On the first day of the protest on Wednesday, supplies were disrupted in Dewas, Dhar, Ujjain and Rajgarh. The BKU leaders insisted to meet the Chief Minister to discuss their demands.

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