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Reliance Industries Announces Rs. 500 Crore Contribution to PM CARES Fund

Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) today announced a donation of Rs. 500 crore to PM CARES Fund in response to the call by the Prime Minister to support the nation’s fight against the Coronavirus onslaught. Additionally, RIL has made a financial contribution to the PM’s Fund. The company has also provided grants of Rs. 5 crores each to the governments of Maharashtra and Gujarat to support their fights against Covid-19.

RIL also continues its 24×7, multi-pronged, on-the-ground effort to do its bit to ensure the nation remains prepared, fed, supplied, safe, connected and motivated to fight and win against the unprecedented challenges brought upon by the Coronavirus pandemic. RIL has already deployed the strengths of the Reliance Family on this action plan against COVID-19. RIL and its motivated team have stepped up in the cities and villages, on roads and lanes, clinics and hospitals, grocery and retail stores, and it has pressed additional capabilities into the service of the nation.

RIL and Reliance Foundation is leading with a significant effort that encompasses several initiatives. These include:

• Contribution of Rs. 500 crore to the PM-CARES Fund
• Grant of Rs. 5 crore to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund of Maharashtra
• Grant of Rs. 5 crore to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund of Gujarat • India’s first 100 bed exclusive Covid-19 Hospital geared up in just two weeks to handle Covid-19 patients
• Fifty Lakh free meals in the next 10 days across the nation and scaling up rapidly to more meals and newer areas
• One Lakh masks daily for health-workers and caregivers
• Thousands of PPEs daily for health-workers and caregivers
• Free Fuel across the country to notified emergency response vehicles
• Jio seamlessly connecting nearly 40 crore individuals and thousands and thousands of organisations daily on its telecom backbone via ‘work from home’, ‘study from home’ and ‘health from home’ initiatives, helping to keep the country going
• Reliance Retail providing Essential supplies daily for millions of Indians via stores and home deliveries

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