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Bigg Boss Most Edited Show, but not Scripted: Sabyasachi

ONI Bureau: Sabyasachi Satpathy, a leading TV personality from Odisha, was the first Odia to enter the Bigg Boss House. Although he had a brief stay, he definitely left an impression. Our Editor Sagar Satpathy had a nice conversation with the star, who made the state proud.

ONI: Why Bigg Boss? What was the compelling factor to join such a controversial show despite being a non-controversial person?

SS: Its the biggest reality show of India. You get a platform to showcase reality as a person you are.

Fame is added though, but it’s a game to test your character and yourself. It’s a brilliant concept of different people living in one house where the mask of reality comes off faces soon.

ONI: Are you happy with your stint? Or, do you feel something was missing?

SS: Very happy with my stint. As in this small little phase of 40 days, I was able to win hearts in the house and outside. Viewers know about a person who is balanced neutral and non controversial.

ONI: Any regrets or qualms about being evicted from the show too early?

SS: No, not at all. When Salman Sir says “aapne is game ko bade hi sharifana andaaz main khela. It was amazing knowing you”. One person gets the reward there and then I got mine.

ONI: Did you play it too safe, which eventually went against you?

SS: No. I was calm and maintaining harmony in the house if you have watched the show. Jumping into any fight without any reasons is not me. To take sides one needs to know both the Sides. And, top of all no one was provoking me at all to get into any fight. So I played in a positive way. When it’s time…. it’s time.

ONI: Would you love to get a Wild Card Entry? If yes, what audience can expect from you this time?

SS: Wild card is always welcome. Audience can expect the same Sabyasachi in a different package with

blunt honesty and a person who would show housemates a mirror of reality.

ONI: Your top picks to win the show? Just 3 names…

SS: Difficult to say at this moment; but yet it’s Vikas, Shilpa and Hiten.

ONI: What do you mean when you say Bigg Boss is the Most Edited Show but not & ‘Scripted’?

SS: With 150 cameras, channel gets loads of content so they show what is required to be entertaining for audience. Never a word is said or asked to any of the housemates to perform or do. People behave as they are and as they wish. That's why it's the biggest reality show.

ONI: You made your secret public during Bigg Boss stint, saying once you wanted a sex change. What exactly happened?

SS: Young minds take decisions with extreme emotions. I was young and wanted to take extreme steps to get what I wanted. But, again that was an extremely innocent decision, which faded with realities of life.

ONI: You have been a popular figure. You received love from all quarters for being a good human being as well as a talented person. Did you ever face any hurdles in your life whether from family, friends or public because of your personal issues?

SS: Never. And now being honest and having guts to be myself today the whole country loves me as I am. People from LGBT community have looked up to me as example and have opened up to their parents. Besides whatever is someone's sexual orientation is, one needs to be a good human being. That’s all.

ONI: What makes a TV Show successful? Script, Content, Actors or Controversy?

SS: Depends on what kind of a show it is – fiction or non-fiction. And, again a whole team makes anything successful.

ONI: Whats next out of Bigg Boss?

SS: Flow like a river. Whatever good comes, I would accept it.

ONI: Since you are a primary member of the BJP, any future political plans?

SS: No aims or plans as man proposes, God disposes. If any responsibility is given, I shall try to perform well.

ONI: Thank you Sabysachi. We appreciate your honesty and being straightforthness. We wish you all the best in your future endeavour.

SS: Thank you very much.

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