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Health Habits For Working Professionals

Be it a business person or a working professional, work shouldn’t get affected due to low energy levels, poor productivity and bad health habits at work.

If you are mentally stressed feeling stagnant at work then its high time you change your lifestyle:

  1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast comprising of fruits, cereals, vegetables, nuts and seeds, high fiber bread, milk, and yogurt which will give you pretty much all the superpowers to work and maintain that energy in office!
  2. Drink enough fluids during office hours to keep hydrated. High level of air conditioning in offices tends to dehydrate the body. This leads to a dip in our energy level. Also due to the high intensity of work we often forget to sip water. Keep bottles of water at the desk.
  3. Replace snacks with fruits. It will provide the much needed energy to the body as well as mind.
  4. Switch to healthy caffeine. We tend to drink a lot of tea or coffee at work due to work related stress. Caffeine in high sugar drinks can spike up the energy but it eventually results in an energy crash. The best way to deal with this is to consume caffeine in a smart way like green tea. This will satisfy your caffeine needs and will keep you healthy.
  5. Space your meals. Eat less and at frequent intervals. Do not indulge in binge eating which can lead to heath issues.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes. Comfort matters the most than being fashionable.
  7. More than anything be confident and happy.
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