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Bareilly: Jafar Hussain kills 5-Yr-Old Daughter for not covering Head

Murder-BabyIn a shocking development, a man, identified as Jafar Hussain, killed his five-year-old daughter for not covering her head while eating food. Without any remorse, Jafar said he hit his daughter, as she acted against religion.

The incident occurred at a village near Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The little girl was slammed into the floor several times after her ‘dupatta’ slipped when she was having lunch with her mother.

The girl’s mother Naeem, has filed an FIR against her husband. The mother was beaten up when she tried to intervene to rescue her innocent daughter. After killing five-year-old Farheen, Jafar wanted to bury her inside the house, but the mother refused and went to the police.

Jafar and Naeem had four children. According to the neighbours, Jafar was a religious bigot.

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