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Encryption Policy: No Monitoring of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter

WhatsAppThe Union Government has clarified that the proposed Encryption Policy exempts e-banking, social networking (Facebook and Twitter) and e-commerce. Facebook and WhatsApp messages will not be saved for 90 days, as reported in a section of media. The Encryption Policy is aimed at keeping a tab on terror activities, but privacy of citizens will be protected, says the government.

The National Encryption Policy seeks to control secure online communication, which are encrypted and can’t be decoded without the help of service providers. Here’s the clarification issued by the Government:

1) The mass use encryption products, which are currently being used in web applications, social media sites, and social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

2) SSL/TLSencryption products being used in Internet-banking and payment gateways as directed by the Reserve Bank of India.

3) SSL/TLS encryption products being used fore-commerce and password based transactions.

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