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Dr Harsh Vardhan releases Braille Atlas for Visually Impaired Persons

Harsh VardhanUnion Science and Technology Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on Friday released Braille Atlas for visually impaired persons at a function in New Delhi.

In the Braille Atlas, maps are raised and embossed with simple lines and point symbols to facilitate its users to realize the location and area coverage easily distinguishable in terms of shapes and textures. The legend and reference is placed on the map in Braille script to navigate the map.

The Atlas will be distributed free of cost to various schools across the country for educating the students with visual challenges. About 20 maps on different themes of physical, socio-economic and cultural aspects of the country have been incorporated in the Atlas.

The Braille Atlas has been prepared by the National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation (NATMO) under Department of Science & Technology.

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