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Give Up Terrorism and talk to India, Sushma tells Pakistan at UN

Sushma-Swaraj-UN* Tomorrow is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and we will celebrate it as the International Day of Non-Violence.

* In the 70th year, UNGA and all of us need to ask if we have been able to achieve everything that we set out to do.

* India has contributed to UN a lot. India thinks utmost of UN’s mission and peacekeeping. But its sad that nations who provide peacekeepers are not decision makers.

* Time has come to expand UNSC. We must have more developing countries participating in UNSC.

UN-Banyan-Tree* India has been facing terrorism for 25 yrs. New York has faced terrorism as well. But nations supporting terrorism haven’t been dealt with. Nations who support, train, help, terrorists need to be stood against by UN. We are still deciding what “terrorism” means, still defining it. There is no “good” terrorism or “bad” terrorism.

* After 2008 Mumbai attacks, many people from different nations died. Its shameful for the international community that terrorist responsible for this is still at large. Terror has no religion. Must be dealt with an iron hand.

Pakistan-Terror* Despite all our peace efforts, cross-border terrorism continues. We recently nabbed two terrorists alive. Pakistan has been a prime sponsor of terrorism.

* These terror attacks are meant to destabilise India and legitimise Pakistan’s illegal occupation of parts of Kashmir.

* Pakistan PM gave four pointers. I should tell him that they are redundant. Only one pointer is important – give up terrorism and talk. He violated the Ufa Agreement. Dialogue and terror cannot go hand in hand.

* Developing countries can do way more if they have provision of tech, finance, & capacity building support from developed nations. Global community must be lauded for fighting Polio and HIV.

Sushma-UN-India* In India, the driving force is our motto of “sabka saath, sabka vikas”, the welfare of all our people. India does not bother about self. It cares for other countries too.that was proved from our support to people in need in Yemen and Nepal.

* In the Eastern tradition, the Banyan is a tree that signifies wisdom, yet is non-judgmental and all-encompassing. Unlike humans who may have planted its seed, banyan is still young at 70. But without constant regeneration & expansion, it withers. For an organization like the United Nations, 70 years has a unique significance. It is an occasion for revitalization and for renewal.

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