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Kamal Haasan rejects Award Wapsi Campaign

Kamal-HaasanLegendary Actor Kamal Haasan slammed the #AwardWapsi by Writers and Filmmakers and said it won’t serve the real purpose. He also urged them to take back their awards, be proud of those and make others feel proud of them.

“Nothing will happen by returning the awards. You will only end up insulting the government or people who gave this award to you with love. You may bring attention by doing so, but there are many ways to bring attention,” he said.

Yes, India is a tolerant nation and we can’t let intolerance divide the country. We have already seen it in 1947. Can’t afford it again. But, we need to debate and use different ways to raise our voices. You can continue your fight against any government that is intolerant even after taking back your awards,” said Haasan.

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