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Lok Sabha passes GST Bill; PM says a victory for Indian Democracy

modi in lok sabhaThe Lok Sabha on Monday passed the 122nd Constitution Amendment Bill.

The Bill was passed by two-third majority, with 443 members voting in its favour and none against in the final vote.

Notably, the Rajya Sabha, where the measure was stuck for months, passed the Bill last week.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi described the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as a “Great Step by Team India,” a “Great Step Towards Transformation,” and a “Great Step Towards Transparency.”

The PM said, “Today, the country would begin its march towards freedom from tax terrorism”.

The Prime Minister described the imminent passage of the Bill as a victory not for any political party, but for Indian democracy. PM Modi thanked all political parties for joining hands on GST.

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