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Man killed in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh over Beef Eating Allegations

Beef-Eating-UPIn a shocking development, which shows growing communal divide in Uttar Pradesh, a 50-year-old man was beaten to death over beef eating allegations. The deceased has been identified as Mohammad Akhlaq. The incident occurred at Dadri area.

Mohammad Akhlaq’s son was critically injured in the assault. He is currently in hospital. The family alleged that seveal villages were involved in the attack. Daughter of the deceased, Sajida had claimed that she was molested by the mob.

Akhlaq’s family has been living in Dadri for 30-35 years. The villagers claimed that the remains of a calf that went missing on 16 September, were found near Akhlaq’s home. A group of people had made the public announcement at the temple after which the mob attacked Akhlaq’s home.

Sajida has rubbished the claims and said that the meat stored in their fridge was mutton, not beef. The meat recovered from the family’s home, has been sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory to ascertain whether it was beef or mutton.

The police has lodged an FIR against 10 people and arrested six of them so far. Those arrested included the Temple Priest and his aide. The priest was later released. Tension prevails in the area, as people protested against the arrest and damaged many vehicles. The police had to resort to lathi charge and firing. One person was reportedly injured in police firing.

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