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Modi inaugurates exhibition on making of constitution

PM ModiNew Delhi, Nov 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday inaugurated an exhibition “Making of the Constitution by the Constituent Assembly” to coincide with Constitution Day, commemorating the acceptance of the draft statute on this day in 1949.

The exhibition organised in the Parliament Library building focuses on the process of drafting of the constitution by the Constituent Assembly with text and visual exhibits reflecting the theme.

It also briefly traces India’s democratic heritage through ancient and medieval history, leading up to the freedom struggle and setting up of the Constituent Assembly.

A Lok Sabha release said the working of the Constituent Assembly is being highlighted through photographs, write-ups and press clippings. The oldest book on the making of the constitution, which is available in the Parliament Library, was published in 1923, the release said.

Films on the making of the constitution, working of the Constituent Assembly and role of B.R. Ambedkar as the chairman of the drafting committee are part of the exhibition.

Visitors are guided to a special enclosure where the original copies of the constitution in Hindi and English have been maintained in two oxygen-free storage cases. The original copy is made of hand-made paper and has paintings.

The release said a “calligraphed copy” of the constitution in Hindi and English has been put on display in the members’ reading hall. (IANS)

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