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Narendra Modi targeted on Twitter with #ModiDisrespectsTricolor

Modi-TricolorPrime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a visit to the United States and meeting global leaders and CEOs to talk on development, economy and investment, has courted a controversy after it was reported that he autographed the Tricolor given to Chef Vikas Khanna.

Later, when the government officials took away the flag from Vikas, who wanted to gift it to US President Barack Obama. But, Vikas clarified that it was not a flag, but a Make In India insignia. Even, senior journalist Barkha Dutt, who was present when the incident occurred, rubbished the allegations and backed Vikas’ claims.

According to the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971, amended by the Prevention of Insults to National Honour (Amendment) Act, 2005, ‘Lettering of any kind shall not be put upon the flag’. Violation of the Flag Code warrants punishment with jail term, fine or both.

The social media, mainly Twitter is abuzz with the hashtag campaign, #ModiDisrespectsTricolor and it became a top trend soon after ANI broke the news with the picture. Congress, AAP, Left and other Liberals slammed Modi for this and demanded strong action against him for “insulting” the tricolour.

The mainstream media is silent over the issue, as the controversial “flag” was immediately withdrawn. Since the incident occurred in a foreign country, the critics may not be able to derive much from this case apart from targeting the PM on social media.

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