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No Blockade by India on Nepal, clarifies MEA

Vikas-SwarupThe Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has confirmed that there is no blockade by India on Nepal, either officially or unofficially. The statement was made by MEA Spokesperson Vikas Swarup at a press conference. He also asked Nepal to resolve its internal conflicts through talks.

“All border posts remain open and there are long lines of trucks and containers waiting to enter Nepal. Everyday a number of trucks are also entering Nepal from various border crossings. There are obstructions at several entry, exit points due to unrest, protest and demonstrations entirely on Nepalese side. Nepal has to set its house in order and has to reach out to its own people in a spirit or reconciliation,” he said.

“India is not responsible for the situation in Nepal. Blame is being shifted to us, which is not true. Why has this anti-India sentiment peaked? Because, Constitution making process was not seen as a fair process by some sections of Nepal,” he further added.

“We do recognise that there is a growth of anti-India sentiment in Nepal and this is something we are seriously concerned about. They are independent, but Nepal’s relations with India cannot be substituted by any other country,” he said on reports of Nepal turning to China for help.

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