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No Connection between Display Picture and Internet.org: Facebook

Mark-Zuckerberg-FacebookFacebook sought to clarify on an controversy over “Digital India” — in terms of support for the initiative reportedly sought by chief executive Mark Zuckerberg. Critics on social media felt it also implied support for the much-criticised Internet.org initiative.

It started when Zuckerberg changed his profile picture on Facebook with a tint of green, saffron and white of the Tricolour in a symbolic gesture to suggest he supports Prime Minister Modi’s “Digital India” campaign. He asked others to follow suit.

Accordingly, a host of Facebook users started doing the same. But it was soon noticed that if you changed your display, the code below had a small bit with the word Internet.org — an initiative netizens have been opposing for allegedly being anti-net neutrality.

As the Modi-baiters launched a campaign over this, it sent out a feeling that support to “Digital India” also meant support for Internet.org. Mark was even hounded and dubbed as ‘Modi Bhakt’ and ‘Sanghi’.

But Facebook later clarified that it was an inadvertent mistake by an engineer and that there was absolutely no connection between updating a profile picture for ‘Digital India’ and Internet.org.

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